Online OASIS lectures Barrow 2009

Investigators Lecture
Harry Beine Introduction
Cort Anastasio Kinetics of hydroxyl radical in/on snow grains
Florent Domine Snow physical properties and its interactions with climate and atmospheric chemistry
Frank Flocke PANs in the atmosphere (and photochemistry in general with weight on reactive N)
Jose Fuentes / Ralf Staebler / Jan Bottenheim Atmospheric processes
Amanda Grannas Photochemical processing of POPs in air/snow/ice
Detlev Helmig Polar Scientific Discoveries from Tethered Balloon Research something
Greg Huey  
Martin King Optical properties of snow and it effect on photolysis rates in the snowpack
David Knapp Boreal Forest Fire Impacts on the Arctic
John Orlando Laboratory studies of the reactions of halogens with organics
Paul Shepson Cycling of organic compounds in the Arctic in spring
Sandy Steffen Atmospheric mercury cycling around the Arctic Ocean
Jim Smith Atmospheric nanoparticle composition and its implications for climate