AGU 2005

We had a successful special session "A08 Snow, Ice and Water Surfaces in Polar Atmospheric Chemistry" at the AGU Fall Meeting 2005, with a total of 22 oral and 31 poster presentations in 4 sessions.

Session abstract:

San Francisco, CA; December 5 – 9, 2005

Low temperatures, a persistent snow cover, and an ocean that is often ice-covered, along with extreme variations in solar energy input (i.e. polar night vs. day), combine to produce a unique set of interactions and exchanges between the atmosphere and the Earth's surface in Polar regions. These exchanges are occurring in the context of a changing climate, and thus changing surface.

We solicit contributions that address how physical, chemical, and biological exchanges between reservoirs affect atmospheric and snow/ice chemical composition, aerosols cloud cover, radiation and the input of toxic chemicals to polar environments, and how these processes are impacted by climate change. Experimental, modeling, and theoretical studies are welcome.

A number of international efforts are underway to develop comprehensive experiments on polar air-surface exchange. This special session will provide a forum to discuss these initiatives, the science behind them, and exciting new results. The session is dedicated to the memory of Gerd Hönninger; therefore we especially encourage submission of polar halogen chemistry studies.